This is just what our neighborhood has needed, Thanks for providing a clean, well thought-out, affordable, facility to wash my clothes in. I shall continue to return.
This has got to be the cleanest laundry mat I have ever been too. I have about 2½ Miles away and there a laundry mat right around the corner from my home (I will never go back). I love the couch so cozy and the customer service is excellent I love the modern washers and dryer everything is a plus. I absolutely love the air condition and Wi-FI. I have 5 children so the 77 pound washer is awesome.
I love it! Thank you so much for providing a classy, beautiful environment to hangout in while I tackle my domestic duties.
You all of every Laundromat I've seen, are by far the best! Great Job & Good luck Peace & Blessings!